Longevity Food Topper Supplement for Dogs


* Enhanced Health and Lifespan
* Supports Cognitive Function
* Benefits the All-Important Microbiome

‘Stay!’ with Fisetin Can Markedly Benefit Your Dog, EVEN IF STARTED LATE IN LIFE!

When we ask our best friends to ‘Stay!’ —we dream it will be forever. Finally, the risks of losing a dear family member too soon can be reduced. Mounting evidence proves that SENOLYTICS—the elimination of inflammation-spewing senescent cells—really does target a root cause of aging applicable to all mammals.

Fisetin alone, a flavonoid found predominantly in strawberries, has proven to extend rodent healthspan and lifespan by 45%, even when begun at the equivalent of 75 human-years old! Fisetin, at the dose per body weight your dog is now being offered, has also extended maximum lifespan in all other species tested. Equally stunning results seen in human tissue have spurred ongoing clinical trials targeting a wide variety of aging-associated diseases.

Exactly where canine benefits lie on this species spectrum remains unknown, but daily servings of our delicious, all-natural food topper can safely benefit your beloved pets in a multitude of ways, such as:

Enhanced health and longevity
Improved cognitive function
Support of the youthful microbiome most associated with good health

In addition to providing a physiologically-relevant daily dose of fisetin, our formulation includes all-natural strawberry, blackberry, blueberry and apple powder processed to preserve the function of thousands of other synergistic, proven health-promoting flavonoids. By complementing the fruit pectins and fiber with inulin from the Jerusalem Artichoke, your dog’s all-important microbiome is given the best chance to maintain a youthful profile.

Containing no fillers or artificial anything, our food topper is naturally delicious while providing massive health and longevity benefits, all with zero toxicity or negative side-effects.

One economical package contains 90 daily doses for small dogs, 60 for medium dogs, or a 30-day supply for large dogs.


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