Why Happyspans’ Products with Fisetin are Virtually Guaranteed to Markedly Benefit Your Rodent and Canine Pets, EVEN IF STARTED LATE IN LIFE! Pet owners needn’t read past the headline of this landmark Scripps Research Institute and Mayo Clinic publication:

Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan

The results are stunning—at an age when EVERY normally fed rodent had died of old age, ALL subjects given fisetin, a natural flavonoid found predominantly in strawberries, remained alive! Groundbreaking studies like these continue to pile on evidence that SENOLYTICS—the elimination of inflammation-spewing senescent cells—really does target a root cause of aging applicable to all mammals. See this collection of articles for descriptions of fisetin and its effects on overall health, aging and senescent cells:

What is Fisetin Good For?

Fisetin: A Senolytic Antioxidant for Healthy Aging & More

Fisetin May be a Low Hanging Fruit for Aging

Fisetin: A Dietary Antioxidant for Health Promotion

In fact, aged rodents—equivalent to 75 year-old humans and fed the same daily HappySpans dose of fisetin per body weight YOUR pet is now being offered—lived healthfully 45% longer than those who didn’t receive fisetin, all with zero negative side-effects! The broad spectrum benefits of fisetin impact multiple biological pathways including the central nervous system, and thus reduce the impact of age-related neurological disease:

New Compound from Strawberries may Prevent Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

Fisetin acts on Multiple Pathways to Reduce Aging and Central Nervous System Disease

Taken together, these data extend the findings that fisetin alone improves healthspan and increases median and maximum lifespan of every species tested. Furthermore, similar physiological benefits discovered even in human tissue have spurred fisetin clinical trials targeting frailty, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and other age-related pathologies. While some people (not us!) patiently await these results before adding fisetin to their diets, our beloved pet’s compressed lifespan doesn’t afford this luxury. That’s why HappySpans has made this profound anti-aging discovery so easy to apply! Shop now HappySpans products offer MUCH MORE than a tasty means to deliver optimum doses of fisetin (unattainable by even the best whole-food diets). Even superstar molecules like fisetin perform better when combined with the thousands of other flavonoids found in berries and apples. Here’s a somewhat technical discussion highlighting the benefits of combining fisetin with other flavonoids:

New Perspectives for Fisetin

In addition to our lab-certified, 99% pure fisetin, we include all-natural strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, and apple powder processed to stably preserve all biological benefits outlined below, such as preventing and treating aging-associated disease and supporting cognitive function. With no added fillers, artificial sweeteners or flavorings, we round out our recipe with inulin from Jerusalem artichoke which, in synergy with berry and apple fiber, maintains the healthy microbiome best associated with the all-important youthful microbiome. Rodents in the wild seek out berries and apples at every turn, and many other mammals find them delicious. Supporting their natural inclinations are a multitude of studies demonstrating the vast benefits of supplementation with berry and/or apple powder—exactly what YOUR pets are now offered in HappySpans products. Consider the following important findings. Strawberry powder contains malic acid, which promotes teeth whitening, boosts energy and supports kidney health. A couple discussions regarding the overall health benefits of strawberries can be seen here:

Strawberry as a Health Promoter

Strawberry Flavonoid’s Two-Fisted Assault on Diabetes and Nervous System Disorders

And similarly for blueberries:

Blueberries for Chronic Disease

Adding strawberry and blueberry powder to rodent diets reduces weight gain and prevents and treats the obesity-related diseases of chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, as demonstrated in this study:

Strawberry & Blueberry Powder Attenuates Obesity & Insulin Resistance

Cancer and tumors run rampant in aging rodents, but the mere addition of berry powder to rodent diets reduced common cancers by as much as 80%, as shown here:

Cancer Prevention with Berry Powder

Inulin improves diabetic phenotype and ubiome in rats:

Inulin Improves Diabetes & Gut Microbiota

Here are a couple of articles on the benefits of berries on the microbiome:

Strawberry Markedly Improves Gut Microbiome

Berry Polyphenols Impact on Microbiota & Health

Here is an article outlining benefits of berry pectins and Inulin as the best prebiotic for dogs:

Inulin Benefits Microbiota in Overweight Dogs

In summary, HappySpans has translated the above, along with a mountain of additional evidence to provide your pet with the best available longevity and healthspan all-natural drug-free food topper that also supports their cognitive function and the all important microbiome. Shop now